Food & Hygiene

Our RTP range of hygienic rotary lobe pumps for food stuffs have been successfully used in the UK for decades.

With products handled ranging from liquid chocolate, sugars, milk and even whisky, we have two sizes of pump available with various sealing options depending on application.

If proof of delivery is required we have several metering options. Our range of magnetic flow meters offers a cost effective method of metering your loads and providing printed delivery tickets. In addition to conventional meters we also offer the Diptronic® electronic dipstick system. Diptronic® is a state of the art road tanker measuring device, using guided wave radar to accurately measure loads. Diptronic® provides a digital readout of the volumetric tank contents and is able to measure both loading and unloading procedures.

In conjunction with Dublin based company, Piper Systems, Meller Flow Trans offer a total system solution for farm collection milk tankers.

Our approach to milk collection is to keep the system as simple as possible, whilst still providing class leading performance in speed of milk collection and quiet efficiency. Our metering systems have been proven in operation in arduous conditions in the UK, Ireland, the US & Australia the over many years. They have a proven flow capacity of up to 50,000 litres per hour and are extremely rugged and reliable. They are simple and straightforward in operation.

All our milk collection systems are supplied with GPRS interface to Piper Cloud MAP. MAP offers customers real time information on tanker location, collections, deliveries and load status as well as delivering detailed information in formats required by popular farmer payment software. Also included is an engineering portal that allows both customer and Meller engineers to give on-line support, thus reducing the need for engineer visits to make changes in vehicles. This service is provided for a small monthly cost, which includes the data handling and SIM card.

Completing the system is our touchscreen HMI driver controller and complete hydraulic drive package. Optional extras include Barcode Reader, Farm Sampler, Load Sampler & Barcode printer.

System benefits:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Low maintenance costs (simple to operate and maintain).
  • Fast, efficient pumping up to 50,000 litres/hour.
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Increased reliability & long system life.