Our knowledge and involvement with all elements of the petrochemical industry goes back decades.

From discharge of simple chlorinated solvents to aggressive chemicals, we have the experience and product range to meet your needs.

Our series of Blackmer STX cargo pumps is fully manufactured from 316 stainless steel and capable of discharging a vast array of solvent & chemical loads. The pump to choose if you simply don’t know what product your tank will be carrying from one week to the next.

For pressure discharge we have a range of traditional vane compressors and the industry leading B200 screw compressor. Either close coupled directly to your PTO or hydraulically driven, the B200 compressor carries a full three year warranty to offer complete piece of mind.

If proof of delivery is required we have several metering options. Our range of magnetic flow meters offer a cost effective method of metering your loads and providing printed delivery tickets. These meters can be manufactured from various materials depending on products to be discharged. We also offer a state of the art pressure differential metering system in Flowcom 3000. Flowcom carries full European MID (weights & measures) approvals for products such as AdBlue.